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Choose New Look as Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Des Plaines for Your Next Renovation

For professional bathroom remodeling contractors in Des Plaines that you can rely on, New Look Bathroom Remodel is here for you. We offer complete bathroom remodeling in Des Plaines with over 30 years of experience. New Look is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and quality that is trusted throughout the community.

Whether you have a large or small bathroom space, regardless of condition, our expert remodeling contractors in Des Plaines can transform it into a new and exciting bathroom for you. Call New Look Bathroom Remodeling Des Plaines today and we can begin renewing your space with a bathroom remodel that is functional, full of style, and gorgeous.


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Bathroom Renovations

DES PLAINES Choosing New Look Bathroom Remodel Des Plaines for your bathroom renovation brings you the outstanding design ideas and added functionality that you want from your new space. Our bathroom renovation contractors can provide years of experience to deliver a new bathroom that goes well beyond your expectations.
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Bathroom Refinishing

Our team offers the best quality bathroom refinishing services that look wonderful and respect your budget. With our bathroom refinishing in Des Plaines, you can enjoy a completely new bathtub, tiles, countertops, and more.
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Bathroom Remodeling

To get the most from your bathroom in terms of style and functionality, trust in our expert bathroom remodeling contractors Des Plaines. We can customize any feature to meet your expectations.
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Home Remodeling

We make sure that our home remodeling contractors in Des Plaines provide the finest quality workmanship and finishes. Our experienced remodeling contractors are ready to deliver your vision on budget and on your schedule, for any room in your home.
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Interior Design

With all the right tools and our vast experience to offer you the perfect ideas, we make planning your home renovation easy. Your imagination and our expertise will result in the best design.
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General Repairs

Rely on New Look Bathroom Remodel in Des Plaines for any general repair you need. Our team is reliable, highly-skilled, and experienced to handle any repairs you need.


Remodeling Contractors with Superior Skill

We set ourselves apart from other bathroom remodeling companies in Des Plaines. That comes from our professional bathroom remodeling contractors, who are very experienced to complete the finest quality bathroom renovations.


The New Look bathroom remodel never cuts corners. We use the best materials so that we can be proud of every aspect of your project, from planning to our amazing workmanship. You will love every detail of your bath remodel.

Keeping YOUR BUDGET intact

You have a budget for a reason, and our bathroom remodeling contractors in Des Plaines understand that. Count on us to work within your budget so you can be comfortable throughout the project without surprises.


Many bathroom remodeling companies in Des Plaines take their time to complete a project. But at New Look Bathroom Remodel Des Plaines, we know you want it done quickly, so we work hard to finish your bathroom renovation on schedule, as promised.
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Update Your Home with Professional Bathroom Remodeling Des Plaines

Contact New Look Bathroom Remodeling Contractors and Renew the Features of Your Bathroom

Whether your bathroom needs minor adjustments or a major renovation, we are the bathroom remodeling company that can turn your bathroom ideas into reality! Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Des Plaines are experienced, professional, and have completed numerous bathroom remodeling projects throughout the area. A Bath remodel in Des Plaines is an excellent investment. Done right by our experts, it can save money in the long run and provides a boost to your home’s value. Plus, an effective bathroom remodeling can reduce your environmental footprint. Other than revitalizing the look of your bathroom space with added features, a bathroom renovation offers the opportunity to replace those old or faulty pipes and fixtures to save on electricity and wasted water. From new flooring to countertops to wall tiles and shower, we have you covered. With the help of New Look Bathroom Remodel Des Plaines, you can make your bathroom look its best and last a long time.

Biggest Reasons To Get A Bathroom Remodel Des Plaines, Il

Achieve an Updated Look in Your Bathroom
Find the style you want to see in your new space with great help and trendy ideas from our bathroom remodeling contractors Des Plaines. New Look Bathroom Remodeling can get the most out of your new modern bathroom space.  

Add Resale Value to Your Home
Bathroom renovations in Des Plaines are often the best solutions to add instant resale value to your home, making selling easier and giving you more money.  

Better Functionality
Every bathroom needs to be functional with all the features that make your entire family comfortable. Bathroom remodeling in Des Plaines is an opportunity to add great functionality to suit your needs.

Build a Safer Bathroom Space
An outdated bathroom may not be as safe as you would like it to be, especially if you have young children. Most home injuries occur in the bathroom but they are avoidable with the help of a bathroom remodeling in Des Plaines.

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Testimonials of New Look Bathroom Remodeling Evanston

These NewLook remodeling contractors in Des Plaines did an amazing job for me. They were always so courteous, helpful, and kept me in the loop. Plus, I really liked what they did in the basement with all the things we talked about included beautifully. They deserve high praise and my recommendation. 

Scott Clark

I hired these contractors to help with my much-needed bathroom remodeling in Des Plaines and it was an excellent decision. I told them what I was looking for and left all the details to them. The new bathroom turned out perfectly. I am very happy with the entire experience. Thank you NewLook.

Jeremy Sutton

My wife and I bought a home that needed plenty of work, so we had to research some remodeling companies in Des Plaines. New Look stood out as very professional and we really liked their previous work. Thanks to them, our home not only feels new, but it also looks new. So New Look did beautiful work throughout. 

James White

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