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When Is The Best Time To Remodel Your Bathroom?

In the last few years, residence improvement has grown a lot because people are staying in their homes longer. This year, professionals say that a slowdown is coming, which could mean that people spend less. Homeowners might have to put off a move or a big transformation because of this, but undertakings that reuse and recycle rooms are in high demand. A recently published Forbes Home piece says that you should be careful of private workers who offer open prices to get you to sign. Frequently, this means that steps are skipped or essential things aren’t taken into account.

As residence prices continue to increase, remodeling is a more cost-effective option. And it’s no surprise that a Houzz research found that bathrooms are one of the most wanted makeovers.

If you’re thinking of rebuilding, you’re not alone! A recent poll of 4,000 US homes by Houzz found that even though a slowdown is coming, most homeowners still plan to start a new residence enhancement project in 2023. But do you still think now is the best time for a bathroom remodel? Here are seven questions that can help you decide.
Elegant master bathroom remodeling with double vanity cabinet

How Often Do You Use Each Part Of Your Bathroom?

One of the most used rooms in a house is the bathroom. We use them every day, and since they aren’t very big, every square inch is valuable. Are there parts or corners of your bathroom that you never use? Do you use some of the space in ways it wasn’t meant to be used, like putting your dirty clothes in an extra-large tub or using a storage room as a dresser drawer? You have a bathroom with a tub and a shower, but you haven’t taken a bath in years. If you remake your room to fit your needs now, you can probably get a lot more out of it. Could turning your tub into a shower be just what you need?

Do You Worry About How Safe Your Bathroom Is?

Bathrooms are a high-risk place to slip and fall because there is water almost all the time and the floors are hard and slippery. Even though children who move quickly and older people who can’t move as well might need more safety measures, everyone in the family can benefit from better lighting, non-slip surfaces, and strong safety bars in the bathroom. If you improve your space now, you won’t have to buy safety products on the spot that look old and don’t always work. Modern solutions for aging and mobility can fit right into the design of your bathroom, giving you peace of mind.

Has Cleaning Your Bathroom Become A Job You Dread And That Takes A Lot Of Time?

Bathrooms are damp and have a lot of moisture in the air, which makes it easy for mold and mildew to grow. Most people don’t like cleaning the bathroom, but it shouldn’t be so bad that you fear doing it every week. If you have to use a toothbrush to clean the grout lines and shower walls, redoing your bathroom could save you time and work. Chipped or cracked tiles can’t be fixed by scrubbing, because that’s where mold and mildew like to grow. The plumbing inside your walls gets worse over time. If you’re always calling a plumber or going to the hardware store to get drain cleaners, it might be time to call in the experts. When you gut your bathroom to make it look better, you may find problems that need to be fixed. The good news is that modern materials require much less care and will make it easier and faster to clean your bathroom.
Luxury Modern Bathroom remodeling

Have Things Changed In Your Family?

As time goes on, our goals and the way our family works change. When people go through big changes in their lives, like getting married, having a baby, a toddler, or a teen, they need different things. The bathroom that used to be just right for you can quickly feel too small or dangerous. There is no bathroom that is perfect for everyone. Instead, think about what you want right now. That could mean more room on the counters, a double sink, a bigger tub, more storage space, or a walk-in shower.

What New Goods, Tools, And Materials Are There?

Products and technologies are always getting better. You can make a bathroom that is low-maintenance, highly efficient, safer, healthier, and comfier by using eco-friendly materials, modern features, and smart products. You don’t have to be worth a million dollars to update your bathroom with the latest styles and technologies. As more companies make these smart products, more and more people will be able to get their hands on them. So, go ahead and dream about that hot shower, toilet that cleans itself, or tap that you don’t have to touch.

One study found that the average person spends 26 minutes of their day in the bathroom. If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom, now is a perfect time to consult with a design consultant to learn about all the available options, estimate the cost, and create a gorgeous new space that adds style and functionality to your home.

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