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NewLook Bathroom Remodeling Evanston & Surrounding Areas

As home remodeling experts, NewLook Bathroom Remodeling makes it easy to have the beautiful and functional bathroom you’re looking for. Our bathroom remodeling contractors Evanston know just how to get the most of any bathroom renovation. We have a wealth of experience to make sure your bathroom has all the features you need with the style and functionality that gives the entire bathroom a personal touch which can only come from a custom finish.

Make NewLook Bathroom Remodeling Evanston your choice for professional and innovative custom bathroom creations that can bring your vision to life. A NewLook Bathroom Remodeling looks fantastic and feels so right thanks to the top-quality materials and work by our highly-skilled remodeling contractors.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Our bathroom remodeling contractors Evanston can completely renew the look, style, and configuration of your bathroom with a total bathroom remodeling. Reworking the space to make it more functional with a better fit can get the most out of your bathroom. The walls, pipes, plumbing, and electrical can all come together in a newly remodeled way to provide you with a brand new bathroom.
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Bathroom Renovations

If you like the orientation of your current bathroom but you need to see a more stylish and updated look, our remodeling contractors Evanston are able to provide a custom bathroom renovation. We’ll give you all the features, style, and colors that suit you to create a new look that speaks to your sense of taste while keeping the same familiar layout.
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Bathroom Design

Working with you to achieve a new custom look in your bathroom, we can completely redesign your space to reflect your personality. Our expert bathroom remodeling contractors Evanston are full of incredible ideas that can combine with your outlook for a newly designed bathroom you will love. We make the process simple and make every detail count.
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Interior Remodeling

When it’s time for a complete home renovation, NewLook Bathroom Remodel Companies is here to help. Our bathroom remodeling contractors can do much more than give you a new bathroom or kitchen. We can plan, customize, and renew every part of your interior living space, leaving you with your dream home. Let us provide you with a professional renovation with our bathroom remodeling contractors Evanston. 


NewLook offers a full range of kitchen and bathroom renovations with the skills of our professional kitchen & bathroom remodeling contractors. We provide expert solutions to bring your vision of a new basement or bathroom remodeling to life with an efficient design that is both functional and stylish. There are no limits to a stunning kitchen or bathroom renovation project that our ingenuity and imagination can’t uncover. For a traditional, ultra-modern look, or anything in between, our experienced bathroom remodeling contractors Evanston have the skills to make it happen.



Our bathroom remodeling contractors Evanston are the most experienced in the business at providing the top-quality workmanship every renovation project needs to do it right.

The Best Materials

At NewLook Small Bathroom Remodel, we don’t cut corners. We use the best quality materials available because we take pride in our work and as the customer, you deserve the best. Our bathroom remodeling contractors Evanston understand that a quality finish begins with


Whether you want a small bathroom remodeling Evanston or a large-scale home renovation, we always work within your budget. That’s why we start with a detailed plan, so we can ensure you are comfortable with the project and there are no surprises.


We not only plan out every detail of the project, but we also make sure we complete it in the time frame promised. While our top priority is doing the job right, we make sure we complete it in a reasonable time.

Testimonials of New Look Bathroom Remodeling

We hired NewLook for a small bathroom remodeling in Evanston and they delivered an amazing final product. They took our common small bathroom and turned it into a stunning showpiece in our home. We loved the ideas they came up with and they completed the work quickly for us.

Roman Sonet

Our bathroom renovation in Evanston could not have gone any better. The NewLook Bathroom Remodeling contractors were so helpful in guiding us to figure out what would be best and they put it all together while making it look easy. Their service was outstanding and the workmanship was even better.

Patricia Sadowski

We are so happy with our new bathroom! NewLook’s bathroom remodeling contractors were very meticulous about every part of the project and it’s that attention to detail that brought it all together into a wonderful bathroom renovation that we could not have imagined looking this great. They were fantastic.

Dawid Joseph

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We offer our services in northside suburbs of Chicago: Feel free to contact us with any questions!
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Bathroom Remodeling Evanston brings a lot of benefits

Call for our Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Evanston, IL

Having your bathroom remodeled has a lot of benefits for you and your home. The number one reason why you should have your bathroom remodeling done is that it will add value to your home. Another great reason is change is always good. Having that new look to your home is always a great idea. It would also give you more space storage. When it comes to your bathroom remodeling in Evanston, our company is the one that you can count on. Our bathroom remodeling contractors Evanston are well equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to ensure that our customers will get the best results for their home. Contact us so that we can get started on the home that you have always dreamt of!


Step 1: Ask for a Quote

Getting a quotation from us is convenient and easy. Give us a call and one of our remodeling contractors Evanston can talk to you about the remodeling work you want to get. Let us know how we can help.

Step 2: Accept our Quote

Once you have received our quotation, let us know if you accept it. Next, we can proceed with the details of how we will perform the bathroom remodel in Evanston for your residential or commercial space. Confirm with us promptly.

Step 3: Determine Details with Us

At this step, we will work together to discuss the specific details you want to see in your bathroom remodeling in Evanston. We use high-quality materials and tools to fulfill your particular requests with the quality standard your home deserves.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Bathroom

Enjoy using your new bathroom for years to come. Reap the benefits from the meticulous work we applied following your original concepts. For similar work in the future, contact our expert bathroom remodeling contractors at your convenience anytime.

Review Us

Our bathroom remodeling company consists of professional remodeling contractors that are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to provide the best result possible. We are considered to be one of the best remodeling companies in the area. Our company has positive reviews because we add personalization to the work that we provide. We also have an eye for small details to make sure that you will get the bathroom that you have always wanted. Our company can handle any bathroom remodel that you may have, small or big, and we got you covered. We always finish the job quickly without having to sacrifice the quality of our workmanship. We will turn your ideas into reality that you have always wanted for your dream bathroom!

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